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My name is Jordan, a twenty-something year old graduate of Texas A&M Class of 2011(Whoop!). A Houston based photographer, I'm also an avid music lover, football fanatic, amateur wood craftsman, and married to the most determined, charismatic woman in the world. 



Primarily a documentary wedding photographer, I'm always hunting down the next great photo. My goal is to capture your most intimate + memorable moments without you ever even knowing, creating an almost cinematic perspective. 

I pride myself on my customer service, aiming to help my customers in every way possible! SO! If you are in need of a photographer, designer, coffee buddy, gear-talker, or just have a question, drop me a line!


After all, if we aren't put on this Earth to serve others, why are we here? 



Things I Dig...

Old School Photo Lab

Preston Utley

Aggie Football

Mike Birbiglia