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Liz + Jack's Wedding | Bryan,TX

On a sunny summer Saturday in June, I had the great pleasure of documenting the entire wedding day of Jack and Liz at The Inn at Quarry Ridge in North Bryan,TX

Edwards SMALL-8655.JPG
Edwards SMALL-8567.JPG
Edwards SMALL-0602.JPG
Edwards SMALL-0206.JPG
Edwards SMALL-0647.JPG
Edwards SMALL-0535.JPG
Edwards SMALL-0720.JPG
Edwards SMALL-8742.JPG
Edwards SMALL-0770.JPG
Edwards SMALL-0757.JPG
Edwards SMALL-0143.JPG
Edwards SMALL-0315.JPG
Edwards SMALL-0790.JPG
Edwards SMALL-0857.JPG
Edwards SMALL-0883.JPG
Edwards SMALL-0894.JPG
Edwards SMALL-0963.JPG
Edwards SMALL-1101.JPG
Edwards SMALL-1078.JPG
Edwards SMALL-1041.JPG
Edwards SMALL-1203.JPG
Edwards SMALL-1198.JPG
Edwards SMALL-8803.JPG
Edwards SMALL-9399.JPG
Edwards SMALL-2.JPG
Edwards SMALL-1448.JPG
Edwards SMALL-1326.JPG
Edwards SMALL-1330.JPG
Edwards SMALL-0700.JPG
Edwards SMALL-1113.JPG
Edwards SMALL-0469.JPG

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