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Joanne + Josh's Wedding | Bryan,TX

An opportunity arose for me to shoot a wedding for Brazos Valley Bridal's Fall Issue over 4th of July Weekend. It was truly a special day, on yet another sunny afternoon at The Inn at Quarry Ridge. Josh and Joanne's wedding was full of fun, family, + fellowship. Definitely one of the most fun weddings I've ever been apart of!

Parulian SMALL-2043.JPG
Parulian SMALL-2281.JPG
Parulian SMALL-2033.JPG
Parulian SMALL-2026.JPG
Parulian SMALL-2017.JPG
Parulian SMALL-2098.JPG
Parulian SMALL-2079.JPG
Parulian SMALL-2074.JPG
Parulian SMALL-2135.JPG
Parulian SMALL-2119.JPG
Parulian SMALL-2138.JPG
Parulian SMALL-2141.JPG
Parulian SMALL-2153.JPG
Parulian SMALL-2128.JPG
Parulian SMALL-9165.JPG
Parulian SMALL-9159.JPG
Parulian SMALL-2236.JPG
Parulian SMALL-2245.JPG
Parulian SMALL-9570.JPG
Parulian SMALL-2.JPG
Parulian SMALL-2256.JPG
Parulian SMALL-2279.JPG
Parulian SMALL-9149.JPG
Parulian SMALL-9508.JPG
Parulian SMALL-2326.JPG
Parulian SMALL-2336.JPG
Parulian SMALL-2378.JPG
Parulian SMALL-2350.JPG
Parulian SMALL-2355.JPG
Parulian SMALL-2423.JPG
Parulian SMALL-2411.JPG
Parulian SMALL-2436.JPG
Parulian SMALL-2442.JPG
Parulian SMALL-2479.JPG
Parulian SMALL-2498.JPG
Parulian SMALL-2512.JPG
Parulian SMALL-2595.JPG
Parulian SMALL-2611.JPG
Parulian SMALL-2636.JPG
Parulian SMALL-2657.JPG
Parulian SMALL-2532.JPG
Parulian SMALL-2732.JPG
Parulian SMALL-2712.JPG
Parulian SMALL-2877.JPG
Parulian SMALL-2524.JPG

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