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Update + Gear Talk


Wedding this weekend will change that ;)

While I'm not much of a "blogger", I thought I'd give an update on the gear I've been recently testing, a sample of one of my photobooks, + some photos too (risky, I KNOW!)

Since July, I've sort of Mary-Go-Round'd some of my essential gear, ventured into different camera systems, and invested in higher quality bag(s). Specifically, I upgraded from my beloved Fujifilm x100 to the new x100T, I've begun to explore medium format via the timeless Hasselblad 500cm w/CFV-16 back + Film backs, I've added an old favorite into the mix by adding the Voigtlander 40mm 1.4, and I've also invested in a better, more discrete (not to mention down right sexy) camera bag- The ONA Prince Street.

I'm not going to go down the line w/each bit of gear, give tech savy reviews, yada yada yada. There are plenty of other sites for that. Instead I've posted photos of the above items, and the photos they can create. Short & Sweet. Just what the internet needs.


Fuji x100T

Like I said, don't expect tech specs. When I was still new to photography, shooting a dSLR, I was running wild. Constantly distracted by new mediums, styles, etc. But I could never quite obtain the images I wanted. Not to mention the hassel of lugging around all of my dSLR gear. I wanted something small, light, easy to transport, takes great photos, and most of all....stealthy. Enter Fujifilm. My first mirrorless camera was the original x100 back in mid 2013 (I know I know...way behind). Almost all of my early work on this site was taken using the x100 (so...::cough cough:: yeah, check that out). While I DID continue to shoot it professionally well after the x100T was released, eventually I had to break down and upgrade ( see what i did there? ). As I expected, the x100T is perfect, yes PERFECT.

All photos taken by Fujifilm x100T 23mm @ f/2

Hasselblad 500cm w/CFV 16

When I say timeless, I mean timeless. This particular body was made in 1959. It has clearly been owned by several, and taken a beating along the way, but HEY! Thats craigslist, right? Regardless, it shoots like new, the SOOC photos are amazing (esp on Kodak Porta 400), and with the addition of my CFV 16, I can now bring a photo titan into the digital age. I LOVE IT!

However, I'm still trying to find where it fits into my working kit. I will be doing an on-going review over the next few months, so stay tuned!


All photos taken by 500cm + Carl Zeiss 80mm @ f/2.8

Voigtlander 40mm f/1.4 (via Fuji X-Pro1)

Let me preface this by saying....I WANT ANOTHER LEICA! I had an M8 for a bit, shot a few weddings with it, and eventually sold it. However, I did save a lens or two. Recently, I bought an adapter ring, slapped it on my XPro1 to shoot alongside my XT1, and ...yeah... not disappointed in the leaset. Fuji cameras have an inate ability to shoot exactly how I like, and Voigtlander makes some of the most solid lenses out there, both physically and operationally. I know they don't begin to stack up with Summilux's or Noctilux's, but for the price I haven't found better. Plus, having the option of shooting Fuji lenses AND Leica mounted lenses...on one body...who could say no? The Voigtlander 40mm f/1.4 comes out to around a 60mm on a Fuji body, giving me perspective I personally enjoy working with. The bokkeh and natural colors are spectacular.

All photos taken by Voigtlander 40mm @ f/1.4 (via Fuji X-Pro1)

Sample of Photo Book

Nothing new, just thought I'd post a sample of one of my wedding albums!

photo book offered in wedding, engagement, & event packages. inquire within.

ONA Prince Street

My "go-to", my "everyday", my "must have", and yes... I'll "man purse".

You can't deny the sexy

(taken w/Voigtlander 40mm @ f/1.4)

To sum it up. I love photo gear. Duh....

Not sure how permanent all of the above is within my working kit(s), but for now I do love exploring. I hope this helped some of you that may have been Googling gear. Let me know if you have any questions, likes/dislikes, etc.

Happy Shooting!

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